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On This Day - 8 October 1999
On This Day: 8 October 1999

An inquest into the death of former child sensation Lena Zavaroni was told about the final weeks of her life today.

A surgeon who treated her told how she was planning a return to the stage after an operation to help her combat depression but she weighed only three and a half stone and succumbed to a chest infection soon afterwards.

The coroner decided that she died from natural causes...

— Independent Television News (ITN) 8 October 1999

List of the Natuarl Causes
  • It is perfectly natural to believe that a patient with severe depression can make an informed choice.
  • It is perfectly natural to be thin and extremely under weight.
  • It is perfectly natural to not find out the root cause of the depression and treat that, but instead just isolate parts of the brain.
  • It is perfectly natural to have sections of your brain isolated from each other that are normally conected together.
  • It is perfectly natural to contract Bronchopneumonia within a hospital environment.
  • It is perfectly natural to blame your dead patient for the poor medical decisions you made as her medical practitioner.
  • It is perfectly natural to use an umbrella term (Neurosurgery for Mental Disorder) instead of naming the precise procedure carried out.

If as her doctor claimed she had made it clear that she would again try to take her life and he believed she would. Why was she not SECTIONED under the related part of the mental health act of 1983?

It should be noted that the Neurosurgery for Mental Disorder she under went would not have been able to be carried out if Lena had been SECTIONED.

Died from natural causes, I don't think so.