10 12 November 1980

  • —— ( years ago). Lena Zavaroni stars in her own show at the Double Diamond, Caerphilly for one week.


  • ——: I have unpublished the article for The Lena Zavaroni Show at the Double Diamond, Caerphilly as I can not confirm the dates or if Lena even appeared at The Diamond Theatre Club as it was renamed in 1980.
  • ——: year has gone by and sadly I have still been unable to confirm any details about this show or if it took place.
  • ——: If the show did go ahead it would have been for 4 days from 12 November until 15 November 1980 based on the Facebook article see the link in the first comment below and the details given in the PDF called Entertaining South Wales C.pub page 6 which backs up the Facebook article.