emma: Issue 22, 22 July 1978, featuring Lena Zavaroni

emma: Issue 22, Twiggy, Child, Darts and Lena Zavaroni

In her weekly column, Lena tells us about the time she dressed up in her mum's wedding dress and stood too close to the fire, and got it covered in soot.

Note: this image was not in the comic, it has been added here for reference.

Talking of clothes, any I wear on TV I'm allowed to buy very reasonably, if I wish.

Those I've bought include a lovely cat suit outfit I wore on that show with Bonnie Langford.

It's made of gress-green sequins and I wore it again recently in a show at my school, Italia Conti.

— Lena Zavaroni, 22 July 1978

Seems to me like it's yet another example of exploiting Lena for money.