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The following is a list of websites and tips that may help you with your own research due to my policy on watermarking and due to trolling some well known websites will not be on this list, but as the best research is done yourself this will not matter as this page is just to help push you in the right direction and is far from an exhaustive list.


  • ——: While I don’t like watermarking if the website has not broken copyright law by the use of watermarking then it may get a link.
  • ——: As you will find stockphoto websites don’t seem to understand the importance of providing details on the photos or putting them into context which is a great shame and where dates and/or details are given you can’t take the info at face value and will need to do addtional research to confirm what is given is correct.
  • ——: An addition of a website to this page is not an endorsement of that website and is just here for anyone looking for a starting place to research Lena Zavaroni.
  • ——: Any links that have “ newly added” at the end simply means that is a new link added to this page and doesn’t reflect the age of the linked website.
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  • ——: Gale Primary Sources - UK visitors can log in with their Library Card ID Number.
  • ——: - Stockphoto Website that also provides free embeding of some images. The number of photos available varies based on your location as indicated by your IP Adresss.
  • ——: Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions.



  • ——: The Internet Archive - by selecting different Search options: metadata, text contents, TV news captions, radio transcripts or archived web sites the content you get will change.
  • ——: Internet Archive: Wayback Machine - lets you view old or deleted websites by typing in the URL of a website not all websites will have been archive and the archives may be limited to the text but for research the text will be of more value than any out of context image.
    • ——: Note: some pages may seem to be blank but if you press control and A or whatever the combination of keyboad keys is for your OS to select all you will then see the text. The reason for this is that the orignal website had a background image with white text but the Wayback Machine has not archive the background image and so the page has ended up with white text on a white background. example - looks blank but if you select all you can see the text.





  • ——: - Stockphotos from the Mirror newspaper also see below.
    • ——: if you want to buy a photo you find on that is not show on you can email them the photo ID and subject to copyright they can supply the photo shown.
  • ——: Microsoft Academic a free public web search engine for academic publications and literature.
  • ——: - Stockphotos from the Mirror newspaper


  • ——: newsbank search: Lena Zavaroni - You will need to log into Newsbank to get anything out of it, in the UK you can use your Library Name and Library Card ID Number to log in.




  • ——: - Books, Magazines, Newspapers - related to Lena Zavaroni.



  • ——: site search to search a specific website for specific keywords you can type site:URL keywords An example: site: Lena Zavaroni Site search is usefull where a website does not have it’s own search option or has a search that is ineffective.





  • ——: Wikipedia a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.