Laird O’ Cowcaddens jack McLaughlin hosts STV’s classic New Year bash from 1985.

Set in the old Thingummyjig studio and featuring the talents of Allan Stewart, Andy Cameron, Russ Abbott, Sydney Devine, the Alexander Brothers and many more.

If you decide to watch this show on New Years Eve then start the video at 13 minutes to midnight for the Bells of the Elizabeth tower to ring at midnight


  • Host: Jack McLaughlin- dubbed “The Laird o’ Coocaddens”
  • On screen participant: Russ Abbott
  • On screen participant: Andy Cameron
  • On screen participant: Allan Stewart
  • On screen participant: Sydney Devine
  • On screen participant: The Alexander Brothers
  • On screen participant: Peter Morrison
  • On screen participant: The John Carmichael Band
  • On screen participant: The New Year Dancers
  • On screen participant - Pre-recorded sequence: Lena Zavaroni performed "Auld Lang Syne"


  • Choreography: Pat Armet
  • Musical director: David Pringle
  • Sound supervisor: Garth Mason
  • Lighting director: Ron Higgs
  • Production assistant: Lesley McCrae
  • Programme Associate: Stanley Pettigrew
  • Designer: Marius Van Der Werff
  • Producer: David Bell
  • Director: Anne Mason
  • Production Company: Scottish Television (STV)

Lena discusses her performance on the New Year Show with the studio crew during the pre-recorded sequence filmed on the 21 November 1985