Max's Holiday Hour

27 December 1977

Lena recites a naughty limerick in a short sketch with Max.

They later perform a duet on a specially written song "Things will turn out fine".

Lena then pops out from inside a giant snowman, and performs a song and dance version of "Baby It's Cold Outside".

TVTimes 24 December 1977 — 6 January 1978


Host:Max Bygraves
Singer:Lena Zavaroni
Clown:Charlie Cairoli
Actress:Sandra Dickinson
Comedian: Jim Davidson
Writer:Margaret Powell


Screenplay:Eric Davidson
Designer:Rod Stratfold
Choreography:Nigel Lythgoe
Music Associate:Norman Stevens
Music Director:Geoff Love
Director:Mark Stuart
Producer:Mark Stuart
Production Company:Thames Television