Hi! Summer

from Knebworth House in Hertfordshire
4 September 1977

Lena sings Lazy Bones whilst trying to wake up a sleepy Leslie Crowther.

Later she sings the chorus of Pinch Me Am I Dreaming as she wanders through a crowd of children.

Same Cast For All Episodes

Leslie Crowther
Anna Dawson
Pearly Gates
Mari Gordon-Price
Derek Griffiths
Carl Wayne
Lena Zavaroni

Same Crew For All Episodes

Musical accompaniment: The Alyn Ainsworth Orchestra
Choreographer: Dougie Squires
Composer of theme music: Lynsey de Paul
Singer of theme song: Carl Wayne
Production Design: Bryce Walmsley
Producer: Bruce Gowers
producer: Dougie Squires
Production Company: London Weekend Television (LWT)