Lena Zavaroni and Music

23 May 1979

Lena opened the show singing "Music Was My First Love", then Wayne Sleep did a Clog Dance to the music of Violinski, Lena then sang "Superstar" which was followed by Elaine Stritch singing "Anyone Can whistle".

Lena then sang "Back In Time" and "Jump, shout, boogie", then The Ace Eight Plus 4 performed "All That Jazz".

NOTE: The Plus 4 are Lena Zavaroni, Elaine Stritch, Wayne Sleep and George Chisholm.

Lena closed her show singing "Thank You For The Music".

Hostess and Signer:Lena Zavaroni
Special guest:Elaine Stritch
Special guest:Wayne Sleep
Special guest:George Chisholm
Dancers:The Ace Eight