Lena Zavaroni and Music

30 May 1979

The show opened with Lena singing a cut down version of "Music Was My First Love", she then sang "It's a Miracle" followed by "Take Me Back To Hollywood".

Lena and Adrian Hedley then performed a comedy Sketch around an Audio Harmonizer working by means of a frequency modulating computerise memory bank, this lead to Lena singing "Bright Eyes", which then lead to Lena, Johnny Hutch and The Comedy Hollywood Cops performing a silent movie comedy Sketch that was filmed on Sepia Tone film.

Lena then sang "Dance All Night" followed by Grace Kennedy singing two songs. Lena then sang "Hollywood Romance", with The Ace Eight dancers, she then closed the show with the song "Could It Be Magic".

Hostess and Signer: Lena Zavaroni
Guest / Singer: Grace Kennedy
Guest / mime: Adrian Hedley
Guest: Guy Kent
Guests: Johnny Hutch and the Comedy Hollywood Cops
Dancers: The Ace Eight