Lena Zavaroni and Music

27 June 1979

The show opened with Lena singing a cut down version of "Music Was My First Love", followed by Lena singing "Forever in blue jeans" and "Corner of the sky" followed by Lena singing and The Ace Eight dancing to "Hallelujah".

This lead into a dance sequence by Wayne Sleep he is then join by The Ace Eight and Lena she sings "Oh happy day".

This was followed by Johnny Hutch and The Half Wits.

Lena then performed "Kites" with the Mime Artist Adrian Hedley.

Lena introduces Peter Skellern who sang and accompanied himself on the piano.

The Ace Eight and Lena performed the song "Ease on down the road", Wayne Sleep joined Lena and The Ace Eight to perform "Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News".

Lena closed the show with the song "Home".


Hostess and Signer:Lena Zavaroni
Guest:Peter Skellern
Guest:Adrian Hedley
Guests:Johnny Hutch and the Half-Wits
Dancers:The Ace Eights

Credits (unless indicated otherwise the same individuals worked on all episodes)

Musicians:Alyn Ainsworth and his Orchestra
Choreography:Dougie Squires
Musical Director:Alyn Ainsworth
Vocal Backings:The Third Kind
Sound:Len Shorey
Lighting:Eric Wallis
Designer:John O'Hara (All episodes except episode 4)
Designer:Nigel Curzon (All episodes except episode 4)
Designer:Andrew H. Davies (Episode 4)
Production:David G. Hillier