Lena - 21 May 1980

During the opening credits Toast Marster Bryn Williams introduces Lena Zavaroni.

Lena opened the show singing "Make Your Own Kind Of Music & Dream A Little Dream", she then introduces Janis Ian whom performs sing "other side of the sun".

Lena and her dance troupe then perform a song and dance routine (Lazy Bones), Lena then sings "Without You" after which she introduces David Gates he performs the song "Can I Call You". Lena then sings "If a picture paints a thousand words" while David Gates plays guitar. Lena thanks her Guests and ends the show performing a song and dance routine (Jump Shout Boogie).

Cast Credits
Hostess: Lena Zavaroni Musical Director: Arthur GrennSlade
David Gates Choreography: Ludovico Romano
Janis Ian Musical Arrangements: John Colemen, Arthur GrennSlade, Alan Roper
Toastmaster: Bryn Williams script: Neil Shand
Vocal Backing: The Kay Garner Singers Make Up: Caroline Noble
Costume: Lynda Woodfield
Property Buyer: Bob Warans
Production Team: Marcus Mortimer, Lydia Seton, Jack Tyler
Technical Manager: Lance Wood
Senior Cameraman: Ron Green & Credits7
Visual Mixer: Heather Gilder
V.T. Editor: John Sillitto
Production Assistant: Geoff Milles
Sound: Hugh Baker
Lighting: Dickie Higham
Design: Kenneth Sharp, Paul Trerise
Production: Stewart Morris