Merv Griffin and Lena Zavaroni

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Merv Griffin Show

14 June 1974

Merv's guests are actors Fernando Lamas and James Brolin, child singer Lena Zavaroni and Apollo 15 astronaut Col. James B. Irwin. Merv Griffin Show Season 11, Episode 182

Lena performs Ma He's Making Eyes At Me, before being interviewed by Merv. She tells him about flying in a helicopter, visiting Disneyland, and meeting Frank Sinatra. she then sings Take Me Home, Country Roads.

Presenter: Merv Griffin
Singer: Lena Zavaroni
Actor: James Brolin
Actor: Fernando Lamas
Apollo 15 Astronaut: Col. James B. Irwin

Broadcast in the United States on WOC Channel 6 at 4.30pm, on 14 June 1974 according to the photo and notes from my personal collection or 24 May 1974 if is correct.

I know the show was syndicated which would mean it would be broadcast on multiple channels but whether or not that would mean various dates I can't currently confirm.