Opportunity Knocks

7 January 1974

Lena makes her first appearance. She sings "Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me"

Other contestants on the show included Friends In Harmony, Brian Aherne, The Frank and Peggy Spencer Formation Dancers and Johnny Douglas.

Lena Zavaroni behide the clap-o-meter

Quite often a clap-o-meter is a complete sham, having no real sound measuring equipment at all.

It is, instead, manipulated by a person, based on their estimation of the audience reaction.

This is normally done semi-openly, with the audience under little or no illusion that the clap-o-meter is genuine.

This was apparently the case on Opportunity Knocks, where the clap-o-meter was not used to actually determine the winners and was disclaimed with the phrase "Remember, folks! The clap-o-meter is just for fun!".