Opportunity Knocks - Final Show

20 March 1978

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Host: Hughie Green
Comedian Les Dawson
Singers: Peters and Lee
Comedian: Tom O'connor
Singer: Lena Zavaroni
Comedian: Frank Carson
Comedy Double Act: Little and Large (comprising straight man Syd Little and comic Eddie Large)
Folk Singer: Mary Hopkin
Poetress: Pam Ayres
Comedian / Samuel Tweet: Freddie Davies
Singer: Berni Flint
Singers / Group: Duane Family
Singer: Neil Martin
Vocal Duo: Millican & Nesbitt (comprising Alan Millican and Tom Nesbitt)
Musical Muscle Man: Tony Holland


Music: Bob Sharples
Sound supervisor: Arthur Duff
Vision controller: Alan Fowler
Vision mixer: Nick Bigsby
Lighting director: Bill Lee
Graphic designer: Lester Halhed
Designer: Michael Minas
Senior cameraman: Mike Baldock
Floor manager: John Lynton
Floor manager: Stuart Orme
Studio supervisor: John Eveleigh
Director: Stuart Hall
Production assistant: Bridget Moore
Programme Associate: Doris Barry
Programme Associate:: Len Marten
Producer: Peter Dulay
Production Company: Thames Television