Summertime Special - Eastbourne

Show 3 - 7 August 1982

The third of a series of nine holiday programmes from Eastbourne. with Lena Zavaroni and Bartschelly, The Belle Stars, The Krankies, Tight Fit, Lenny Windsor The 'A' Team choreography by Lud, John Coleman and his Orchestra.

Cast Credits
Singer / Presenter: Lena Zavaroni Choreography: Lud
Juggler: Bartschelly Dancers: The 'A' Team
Musicians: The Belle Stars Musicians: John Coleman and his Orchestra
Comedians: The Krankies Vocal backing: Samantha Brown
Singers: Tight Fit Vocal backing: Samantha Brown
Comedian: Lenny Windsor Vocal backing: Vicki Brown
Vocal backing: Joy Yates
Costume Designer: Linda Martin
Lighting: John Wiggins
Sound: Chris Holcombe
Designer: Kenneth Sharp
Production: Stewart Morris
Production Company: BBC Television