Lena Zavaroni On The Bachelors Show - 23 February 1975

The Bachelors Show

23 February 1975

Lena performs the song "Music, Music, Music" standing at an old jukebox. She then joins the Bachelors to sing the Irving Berlin composition "I Love A Piano" while sitting on top of theirs.

While she still sits on their piano, they then teach her about musical scales in a short musical comedy routine.

Cast Credits
All Episodes: The Bachelors Orchestra conductor: Norman Percival
All Episodes: Lena Zavaroni Choreography: Lesley Brooks
All Episodes: The Vernons Production team: Ann R Mann
Episode One: John Conteh Production team: Maurice Gallacher
Episode Six: Jimmy Hill Lighting: Ken McGregor
Episode Six: Graham Hill Sound: Peter Rose
Sound: Hugh Barker
Design: Lesley Bremness
Producer: Ernst Maxin
Production company: BBC Television