Lena Zavaroni On The Bachelors Show - 9 March 1975

The Bachelors Show

9 March 1975

Lena performs "My Funny Valentine", sitting on a huge pink rug with a dog.

She then sings "Stage Struck".

Next she duets with one of the Bachelors on a version of "Something's Got To Give".

Cast Credits
All Episodes: The Bachelors Orchestra conductor: Norman Percival
All Episodes: Lena Zavaroni Choreography: Lesley Brooks
All Episodes: The Vernons Production team: Ann R Mann
Episode One: John Conteh Production team: Maurice Gallacher
Episode Six: Jimmy Hill Lighting: Ken McGregor
Episode Six: Graham Hill Sound: Peter Rose
Sound: Hugh Barker
Design: Lesley Bremness
Producer: Ernst Maxin
Production company: BBC Television