The Grand Prix Night of the Stars

Recorded on 13 July 1976 for broadcast on BBC One at 20:00Hrs 0n 15 July 1976

In the week of Britain's round of the World Motor Racing Championship - The British Grand Prix stars from the world of entertainment and the world's top Grand Prix drivers share the stage at the Royal Albert Hall.

Lena performs a live version of "This Is My Song", and is then serenaded by Henry Cooper and Barrie Gill, with their version of "Lena, My Little Honey Lena".

Cast Credits
The Minstrel Dancers Production Company: BBC
Shirley Bassey Producer: Ernest Maxin
Brotherhood of Man Producer: Stewart Morris
The Chris Barber Band Lighting: Hubert Cartwright
Lena Zavaroni Designer: Ken Starkey
Barrie Gill Conductor: Arthur Greenslade
Patrick Moore Conductor: Ronnie Hazlehurst
James Hunt Choreography: Geraldine Yates
Henry Cooper Sound: Chris Holcombe
Jackie Stewart
Vincent Zara
Niki Lauda
Tom Pryce
Jody Scheckter
Mario Andretti
Emerson Fittipaldi
John Surtees