The Morecambe And Wise Show

Broadcast 11 February 1976 on BBC One rebroadcast 25 October 1976 on BBC Two.

Lena appears in a comedy sketch with Eric and Ernie. She then performs "Some Of These Days", before performing a song and dance version of "Something Bout You Baby I Like" with the duo.

Lena Zavaroni On The Morecambe And Wise Show

Cast Credits
Host: Eric Morecambe Writer: Eric Braben
Host: Ernie Wise Orchestra direction: Peter Knight
Guest star: Lena Zavaroni Assistant dance director: Geraldine Yates
Guest star: The Spinners Special effects: Bill King
Guest star: Allan Cuthbertson Costume: Paula Bruce
Guest star: Graham Hill Sound: Alan Machin
Sound: Hugh Barker
Lighting: Peter Wesson
Production assistant: Bill Ersser
Designer: Victor Meredith
Producer: Ernest Maxin
Production company: BBC Television