Article Warning: Sadly needed for a Personal Appearance that at the time would not have needed one, but time and the ignorance of humankind has made a single word within the charity’s name taboo.

Charity variety show to raise funds for the Entertainment Artists Benevolent Fund, the Stars Organisation For Spastics [1] (SOS), and other local charities


  • Lena Zavaroni
  • Dana
  • Al Dean
  • The Dooleys
  • The Halfwits
  • Nicky Hinkley Dancers
  • Little & Large
  • John Lenahan
  • Black Onyx
  • Brian Rogers Dancers
  • Gordon Scott
  • Jimmy Cricket
  • Special Guest: Larry Grayson
  • Stage Direction and Production: Derek Smith


Derived via Latin from the Greek spastikos (“drawing in”, “tugging” or “shaking uncontrolably”), the word spastic refers to an alteration in muscle tone affected by the medical condition spasticity, which is seen in spastic diplegia and many other forms of cerebral palsy and also in terms such as “spastic colon”.

Sadly due to the ignorance of childhood the word became a term of abuse used in many a school playground. While the children that use the term in an abusive way had the ignorance of childhood on their side the parents and teachers did not and should have done more to stamp it out by educating the children as to its real meaning and preventing a medical term from becoming such an offensive word that is now taboo.

To this day parents and teacher still allow the miss use of words in an abusive way and sadly the BBC promoted the miss use of a word meant to promote equality in a nagative way on an epsiode of Doctor Who. While the word has not reach the same level of abuse as Spastic and is class as mild abuse by it’s users there was a time Spastic would have been classed as mild abuse, not that I can see how any abuse can be mild.

If you not worked out the word I meant it is "GAY" which stands for "Good As You".

Anyway back to the word "Spastic" due to the degrading use of the word by So called adults as well as children "The Spastics Society" renamed themselves "Scope" in 1994 and two years later in 1996 "The Scottish Council for the Care of Spastics" became "Capability Scotland". I have not been able to locate if "Stars Organisation For Spastics" renamed themselves or if they are still an active charity.

It’s sad that I have had to explain the original meaning of the word because of the high probability that for some only the taboo meaning remains and it’s even sadder that people are still capable of taking a harmless word and perverting it.