My thoughts on this comment

I don’t know about you, but I often have to decide between “this is to trivial to mention” and “Should I include this for completeness?”


This must be a issue for any type of fandom but I think must be a big call for any Lena Zavaroni fan trying to keep her in the public eye.

The reason why, is it was not just Lena’s body that was laid to rest at her funeral but it seems like all her memories along with facts about her life both private and public along with her large body of work has been put to rest as well.

It seems from personal responses I have received when I mention Lena Zavaroni the must common reply is “Oh! she was that little girl on Opportunity Knocks that became anorexic” and little else is remembered about her.

So for fans that care about her memories the smallest of references matters for the simplest of reasons that no matter how minor the reference may be it means someone has remember her (well her name anyway) and that matters as she has become the forgotten star of the 70s and 80s.

If like others she was remembered and her work celebrated as it should be then those small references would matter less but with such neglect of Lena’s work and memories these minor references become amplified and take on an importance that the reference themselves may not deserve.

When I added this new section called “Updates” (I know I’m trying to think of a better name for the link), I had not thought about how it could be used for the minor references but will now added them to this section for as fellow fan StephenMolloy1 has defined it completeness.

I hope my thoughts can be understood by anyone that reads them, as I known what I mean and feel on this subject but am not very good at putting my thoughts and feelings into words that others may understand.

Fanz of Lena Zavaroni (Robcamstone)

Rounding up

They may be the must trivial of references but YES! They matter as in most cases they are the only content being generated and are still keeping Lena Zavaroni in the public eye and may get a small group of readers that have never heard of her to look her up and if just 1 of that small group goes on to become a fan then that minor reference has done a great job for Lena Zavaroni and her fan-base.

Fanz of Lena Zavaroni (Robcamstone)