I decided to remove Categories from the main menu as related Categories are autogenarated at the end of each post and so have replaced the link in the main menu with a link to the Discography section there is not much there at this time just 1 album and 2 singles and some other stuff which I need to update to markdown so that they style correctly they currently let me know I have got the Collections code working, the styling may be off but the details are correct.

The main reason for doing this is because I have got a “ON This Day” coming up for the re-release of an album but the normal posting of the article would not work as I only have a year for the original release and posting only works with a full date so have had to add Jekyll collections for posting without a full date. don’t worry about knowing what Jekyll collections are they only matter to the generation of this website that uses Jekyll to convert the markdown into the html for the website.

It’s taken me time to understand how Collections work but now I have got them working it means I can better add content that has no full date.

I have reduced the font size of the Websites title to fit the contents of the menu within the same space.

I may at some stage try to make the navigation of the website better, but this will take time as adding up-to-date content always takes priority over design.

Fanz of Lena Zavaroni (Robcamstone)