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10 February 197417 February 1974 ✔24 February 1974
3 March 197410 March 197417 March 1974
Tom Browne with The Top Twenty
24 March 1974
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RecordingSolid Gold SixtyTop TwentyChart & DateAM - FM

Lena Zavaroni’s single Ma! (He’s Making Eyes At Me) moved up the charts from number 30 to number 16.

Recording of the Top 20 section of the broadcast
Recording not available at this time!
BBC Radio 1: Solid Gold Sixty with Tom Browne starts at 16:00hrs
BBC Radio 1's first air date was on 30 September 1967 it was only transmitted on Medium Wave using amplitude modulation it would get an VHF channel that's rollout would start on 1 September 1988, starting with Central Scotland, the Midlands and the north of England.
BBC Radio 2: Tom Browne with The Top Twenty starts at 18:00hrs
BBC Radio 2's first air date was on 30 September 1967 it was a replacement for the Light Programme it was transmitter on VHF using frequency modulation in 1973 a subcarrier was added to the transmission which allowed the broadcasting of content in stereo.
UK Official Singles ChartDifferences In Dates

10 February 1974 - 16 February 1974

  1. You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me Ft. Lyn Paul - The New Seekers
  2. Love's Theme - Love Unlimited Orchestra
  3. Forever - Roy Wood
  4. Radar Love - Golden Earring
  5. Ma! (He's Making Eyes At Me) - Lena Zavaroni
  6. Living For The City - Stevie Wonder
  7. Love On A Mountain Top - Robert Knight
  8. Teenage Dream - Marc Bolan & T.Rex
  9. Teenage Lament '74 - Alice Cooper
  10. How Come? - Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance
  11. The Show Must Go On - Leo Sayer
  12. All Of My Life - Diana Ross
  13. Rockin' Roll Baby - The Stylistics
  14. Wombling Song - Wombles
  15. Dance With The Devil - Cozy Powell
  16. Solitaire - Andy Williams
  17. Teenage Rampage - The Sweet
  18. The Man Who Sold The World - Lulu
  19. Devil Gate Drive - Suzi Quatro
  20. Tiger Feet - Mud

As can be seen the BBC seems to broadcast a week behind the dates given by the UK Official Singles Charts.

I imagine that is because the programme is broadcast on a Sunday and they would not receive the data for the charts until sometime during the week.

Medium Wave (AM) - VHF (FM)

At the time of broadcast Radio 1 was only available on Medium Wave so when the BBC broadcasted some of its music programmes it also broadcasted them on Radio 2 VHF so that listeners with a VHF Radio could enjoy a higher quality of sound and if the receiver was a stereo one than could enjoy tracks that were made in stereo as they should have been heard.