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Totie Fields is co-host. Guests are actor Tony Curtis, singer-actress Florence Henderson, 10-year-old Scottish singer Lena Zavaroni, Totie's husband George Johnston, diet book author Dr. Irwin Stillman, and diet patient Alison Libert.

Lena performs Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me


Host:Mike Douglas
Co-host:Totie Fields
Totie's Hubby:George Johnston
Singer:Lena Zavaroni
Actor :Tony Curtis
Singer/Actress:Florence Henderson
Diet Book AuthorDr Irwin Stillman
Diet PatientAlison Liberty
In House Band:Frank Hunter Band

The Stillman Diet

The Stillman Diet is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that was created in 1967 by physician Irwin Maxwell Stillman (1896–1975).


Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter began using the diet in her teens. Karen was 5'4" and 145 pounds when she went on the Stillman Diet in 1967. She eventually abandoned the Stillman Diet and limited her caloric intake extremely. By September 1975, Karen's weight dropped to 91 pounds. In 1983 she died of complications related to anorexia nervosa.