Note: This post is a work in progress so all details are subject to change as and when I can locate more details during my research.

Currently unable to translate Kalaallisut (Greenlandic language) but as the paper publishes the articles twice once in Kalaallisut and again in Danish it means we can translate the details from the Danish sections.

See the related wikipedia page for more details on the paper.

“Atuagagdliutit” is in Kalaallisut while “Grønlandsposten” is in Danish and translates as “The Greenland Post”.

Kalaallisut: sapât 9. februar 1975
20.20 Skottek mêrak kákagtok — Lena Zavaroni.
Danish: Søndag 9. februar 1975
21.20 Et skotsk vidunderbarn — Lena Zavaroni synger.
English: Sunday 9 February 1975
21.20 A Scottish prodigy — Lena Zavaroni sings.
radiúkut autdlakâtitagssat Radio programs radiúkut autdlakâtitagssat Radio programs radiúkut autdlakâtitagssat Radio

Currently we have no indication as to what two radio channels Lena sang on the reason I believe it's Radio and not Television is that the related page heading translates as Radio Programs.

Unconfirmed but the most likely Radio broadcaster is "Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa" also known by its abbreviation KNR, it is Greenland's national public broadcasting organization which launched c1958. KNR TV launched c1982