Starring Roy Hudd, Keith Harris, Tessie O'Shea, Lena Zavaroni, Derek Dene, Jon Britain, Tony Blackburn and featuring NEW EDITION.

Lena performs a short version of Teddy Bear and then she sings Smile.

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Two Hundred Percent

Podcast 293: This is our Everest, Part Thirty-Nine – Seaside Special, 1975


Presenter:Roy Hudd
Welsh entertainer and actress:Tessie O'Shea
Scottish singer:Lena Zavaroni
English Actor:Derek Dene
English Ventriloquist:Keith Harris
? Singer:Jon Britain
English disc jockey, Singer and TV Presenter:Tony Blackburn
Dance Troupe:New Edition


Choreography:Mavis Ascott
Vocal direction:Maggie Stredder
Vocal Backing:The Maggie Stredder Singers
Staging:Maggie Jensen
Musical director:Ronnie Hazelhurst
Production assistant:Bob Spiers
Producer:Michael Hurll