Publicity Photo of Ernie Wise and Eric Morecambe

The Connoisseurs return to discuss the wonders of the British sausage, The Spinners guest star, and Lena Zavaroni performs Something 'Bout Ya Baby I Like.

BBC PID: p03rdsqt

Screenshot from the show

Lena appears in a comedy sketch with Eric and Ernie. She then performs Some Of These Days, before performing a song and dance version of Something Bout You Baby I Like with the duo.

Note: In the end credits photos of the Guests when young were used.

BBC Genome:
Host:Eric Morecambe
Host:Ernie Wise
Guest star:Lena Zavaroni
Guest stars:The Spinners
Guest star:Allan Cuthbertson
Writer:Eric Braben (additional material by Eric Morecambe And Ernie Wise)
Orchestra direction:Peter Knight
Assistant dance director:Geraldine Yates
Special effects:Bill King
Costume:Paula Bruce
Sound:Alan Machin
Sound:Hugh Barker
Lighting:Peter Wesson
Production assistant:Bill Ersser
Designer:Victor Meredith
Producer:Ernest Maxin
Production company:BBC Television