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List of Broadcasts from Glasgow Episode dated 13 May 1977

Unconfirmed Details

The recording and broadcast dates are unconfirmed, but with what little information is show on BBC Genome I beleave the broadcast date is the 13 May as it’s the only episode listed as being from Glasgow that would fit in with having Lena Zavaroni on the show the only other broadcast from the same location pre-dates Lena as it was broadcast on the 8 December 1972.


Supporting Details

Wednesday 4th May 1977, Lena sang on Pete Murray’s Open House from the Top Rank Club, Main street, Rutherglen, Glasgow, BBC Radio Two 10:30 am. She sang Sweet Gypsy Rose and Pinch Me Am I Dreaming. The programme was either repeated or had it’s only airing on Friday 13th May.

Stephen Molloy

Lena’s section of the broadcast

Loving Lena Zavaroni via YouTUbe