London. 12.9.1978PA: ? March, 1978 Library picture of Lena Zavaroni (14); who will become the youngest artist to top the bill at the London Palladium when she co-stars in a week-long season at the theatre next month. Her co-stars are husband and wife team, Dukes and Lee. (PAP 183775-5 PNR-0) SEE PA STORY "LENA" TIMED 1241

The photo is from Lena and Bonnie which was broadcast on the 26 March 1978 which was recorded on 17 & 18 January 1978. The second date seems to be when the photo was added to the library of The Press Association but the day is unclear so I have added a question mark, It's may more unclear as the character looks more like an "A" or a "R" than a number and the notes themselve do not make it clear why the diffrent dates. It's' just a guess on my part that the second one is when they added the photo to their library as we know the photo is older than 12 September 1978 as it's from "Lena and Bonnie".