When the Head of Sports Department lets out the secret that Captain Peacock has a boil in a particularly painful spot, Peacock complains to Mr Rumbold. Result - he's volunteered to defend his honour in a boxing match.


Mrs. Slocombe's Cat Tiddles approximately 03:30 into the programme

Mrs. Slocombe buys her cat some presents including a single by Lena Zavaroni.

Mrs. Slocombe: And a record of Lena Zavaaroni.
Miss Brahms: Oh! Is that her favourite.
Mrs. Slocombe: No! But It's the only way I can get her to go out when it's raining.


Mr Rumbold:Nicholas Smith
Mr Lucas:Trevor Bannister
Miss Brahms:Wendy Richard
Mr Grace:Harold Bennett
Mr Harman:Arthur English
Mr Humphries:John Inman
Mr Goldberg:Alfie Bass
Captain Peacock:Frank Thornton
Mrs Slocombe:Mollie Sugden

Crew and Sources

Writer:Jeremy Lloyd
Writer:David Croft
Producer:David Croft
BBC Genome:Are You Being Served? 16 November 1979 at 1900Hrs
Podcast:That Does Suit Madame, The "Are You Being Served?" Podcast