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Cast Special Guests Crew Summary BBC Genome
Host: Stu Francis
Regular:Leigh Miles
Regular:Sally Ann Triplett
The Krankies:Janette Tough and Ian Tough
ScreenshotSpecial Guests

Opening & Closing Credits via TV Ark
Paul & Peta Page with The Hot Dogs
Henry Cooper
Garth Crooks
Su Pollard
Lena Zavaroni
script:Colin Bostock-Smith
script:Ron Ottoway
script:Bill Robson
Sound:Peter Barville
Lighting:Peter Smee
Musical Director:Burt Rhodes
Production Designer:Tom Yardley-Jones
Producer:Paul Ciani
Executive Producer:Michael Hurll
In this Christmas edition of the children's show, Lena helps a young contestant win a prize, and throws some custard pies around in the process.