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SINGER Lena Zavaroni faced double heartache last night as she arrived in Scotland for the funeral of her mother.

For her family claimed that Lena's happy wedding two months ago triggered off a fit of depression in her 47-year-old mother Hilda, found dead on Friday from a massive drug overdose.

Lena's near-blind grandfather Peter Jordan, 66, said in Rothesay, Isle of Bute: "Hilda was a wee bit lost after Lena married.

There had always been Lena and now she had found a man.

"I expected Hilda to come and tell me all about the wedding. I thought she would be full of it. But she never got in touch."

However, Mr Jordan was not certain his daughter had committed suicide.

He said: "There was an empty bottle of pills beside her. But I'm not sure about suicide. Maybe she'd forgotten she'd already taken pills."

Mrs Zavaroni had lived alone in Rothesay since splitting with musician husband Victor.

He has since remarried and lives with second wife Christine in Finchley, north London, near Lena and her husband Peter Wiltshire, 27.

Lena, 25, fought for years against the slimmers' disease anorexia.

A friend said last night: "This will knock her sideways."

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