Article Warning

The report describes one of the most disturbing events in Lena Zavaroni’s life, that I know of.


The Sunday Mirror reported on the investigation into the Montreux Clinic and the abuse of Resident One.


Resident One was how Lena Zavaroni was referred to in the original investigation. The investigation confirmed staff members at the Montreux Clinic were abusing Resident One as well as other residents yet apart from the closure of the Clinic, not a single abuser was put on trial fort their abuse.

The various UK governments should all be ashamed that they have continuously failed to give Lena Zavaroni the justise that they claim every UK citizen has a right to and in relation to the Montreux Clinic the Canadian government needs to be ashamed.


There Are Four Main Types Of Abuse

Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Emotional abuse and Neglect.

Yet the only abuse taken seriously is Sexual and that is not always looked into, every year we hear about children that have died from the physical abuse they have received at the hands of their parents or guardians and the social services involved failed to take action that could have saved the child’s live, and we are continually promised changes yet the children are still being Physical abuse and killed.

It is highly probable that Lena Zavaroni faced at lest 3 of the 4 types of abuse but as the 3 did not include Sexual abuse (well as far as we know) her case has not been cosidered for a greater leval of investigation.

All types of abuse should carry the same leval of investigation and justice if they did then the BBC’s internal investigation into sexual abuse would have had to cover all types of abuse and then we would have gotten closer to the truth about the contributions the BBC made to the 3 types of abuse Lena and others have experienced and more importantly they may have finally got some justice, but no the cover up continues.

years after her death and still no justice for Lena Zavaroni.