CD Cover for the album Mike Hurst - Producers Archives Volume 2 (2004)
Label:Angel Air: SJPCD172
Formats:Audio CD, Digital Download and Streaming
  1. Bruce Woolley And The Camera Club: Video Killed The Radio Star
  2. Mike Hurst: Show Me Around
  3. Fumble: Rock 'N' Roll School
  4. The Human Instinct: Rennaissance Fair
  5. Mike Hurst: Any Time That You Want Me
  6. Lena Zavaroni: Here You Come Again
  7. Lena Zavaroni: Songs
  8. Barry St John: Come Away Melinda
  9. Shakin' Stevens: Spooky
  10. The Gary Wilson Band: Help Me Rhonda
  11. S. F. X: Rockin' With My Radio
  12. The Human Instinct: A Day In My Mind's Mind
  13. Truly Smith: Taking Time Off
  14. Truly Smith: This Is The First Time
  15. Jonas: Splish Splash
  16. Jonas: Little Queenie