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1974 - UK Vinyl Album1974 - German Vinyl Album1975 - Australia Vinyl Album
1975 - UK Cassette Tape1976 - Finland Cassette Tape1976 - UK Vinyl Re-Release
2012 - CD Re-Release Of The Original Recording ✔
CD Cover for the album If My Friends Could See Me Now (2012)
Label:Pickwick Group Limited / Hallmark – PW 712412
Hallmark is a label owned by Pickwick.
The copyright in this recording is owned by Pickwick Group Ltd.
Format:Audio CD
Released:19 November 2012
MusicBrainzIf My Friends Could See Me Now CD
  1. If My Friends Could See Me Now
  2. Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me
  3. The Tennessee Wig-Walk
  4. Rock and Roll Waltz
  5. What a Wonderful World
  6. Hands Off
  7. It's in His Kiss
  8. Music, Music, Music
  9. Tweedle Dee Dee, Tweedle Dee Dum
  10. Wheel of Fortune
  11. You're Never to Old to Be Young
  12. Stage Struck